Garritan Authorized Steinway Review © Virtual Piano Domain 2010. All rights reserved Made with Xara Garritan Authorized Steinway Review  Garritan Authorized Steinway is the first official authorized Steinway library on the market. This has two meanings,  first, Steinway & Sons is a “guarantee of sound” in some degree in piano world. Thus that may mean it has a  guaranteed Steinway sound. Second, for it is officially authorized, Garritan could use Steinway's brand name for  marketing. To make thing better, Garritan uses some advanced hybrid technologies on such an important piano.  Finally Garritan Authorized Steinway supports most of today's digital piano technology such as Sympathetic  Resonance, Pedal behaviors and Multi Microphone Positions. Needless to say more, let's start our test from dynamic.  Please note it is necessary to read our review instructions before you read the review, we have detailed  explanations and procedures in review instructions.  1. Dynamic   6 of 10 Data 1   C8's Dynamic Range  34.6dB Data 2   A0's Dynamic Range  33.5dB Data 3   Average DR (C3, C4 and C5) (37.9+34.4+38.2)/3=36.8dB Data 4   Dynamic Curve: A few curve to choose Data 5   Peak Level -7dB From recorded test file, we gathered data shown above. The three dynamic of Authorized Steinway are all larger  than 30dB. That's a rather good dynamic. But compared to true piano dynamic, there is no significant dynamic  range difference between lowest note A0 and highest note C8. This clearly shows Authorized Steinway only uses a  single layer interpolation on all notes' dynamic, which is not an accurate reproduction of natural dynamic of an  acoustic piano. So here Authorized Steinway have to lose 3 marks on this issue. The Peak level of Authorized  Steinway is about -7 dB which is normal. It has to mention that Authorized Steinway can't sound when velocity is 1,  it starts to sound when velocity is 2.   Authorized Steinway gives users some control on dynamic. Users could choose 5 curve types by click and drag their  mouse. Thus Authorized Steinway may have difficulties on working with some keyboards on the market.   2. Sample Layering, Velocity Transition and Sympathetic Resonance  10 of 10 The same as those HUGE SIZE sample libraries on the market, Authorized Steinway Pro Edition is sure every note  sampled with no loops. But the basic edition has one sample on every two notes  As we see on the graph, there are no obvious velocity jumps. Authorized Steinway has a really good velocity  matching. Excellent Jobs!  Authorized Steinway has Sympathetic Resonance and there is a knob to control the volume of it, this is very useful.  Here, Authorized Steinway gets the full mark.  3. Pedal Activity and Microphone Positions  9 of 10 Authorized Steinway responds to all three pedals well. And it also respond to half pedaling. But it fails in repedalling  test. Authorized Steinway Pro Edition has 5 microphone positions waiting for users to choose. Thus you can have very  detailed sound by mixing them carefully. In this aspect, Authorized Steinway really march its official authorized  identity. 4. Performance  6 of 10 Authorized Steinway Pro Edition takes about 29.8GB space on your hard disk. It is rather big. While Basic Edition  only around 3GB. For its size, we do not expect it more on performance.  . During our test, Authorized Steinway Basic Edition has a 7% CPU usage when playing 128 polyphony. It is obviously  that Authorized Steinway Basic Edition is not CPU intensive and its CPU usage is normal.  When we check latency performance, Authorized Steinway Basic Edition also gives us a rather good result. It is  obviously could not run well under 128 samples. Finally it can run well under 192 samples.   We concluded that if you want to run Authorized Steinway without any performance issues. You do not need a super fast CPU and SDD.  5.  Features  10 of 10 One feature of Authorized Steinway is certainly the release trigger. It lets the release tail sound very similar to real  pianos. This will also emphasize the feeling of space and the size of piano's wood body.  Authorized Steinway provides Historical tunings which is very useful and it supports Scala file import, it is a Plus!  Authorized Steinway provides adjustable different noise which will add realism to final sound. And also we cannot  forget to mention piano body wood knocks and lid sounds.  Authorized Steinway also featured a good reverb and EQ effect unit. 6. Sound   5 of 5 When I first heard the demos of Authorized Steinway, I believe it belongs to the best Steinway on this market. After  I tried and played, I still believe so. For many people, Authorized Steinway will be their ideal Steinway.   Best Use   Authorized Steinway is suitable for those musicians who love to play pianos, who love to seek their feelings on  piano, who want to get a good typical piano sound. Authorized Steinway is best use for classical solo works.   PROS:  Sounds excellent and realistic  Multi Microphone Positions  Beautiful sounding and realistic Sympathetic Resonance  Support Half Pedaling  Good velocity matching  CONS:  Not true piano dynamic  Limited curve types  Can't sound when velocity is 1  No repedaling  Huge Size of Pro Edition  Dynamic 6 of 10  Sample Layering, Velocity Transition and Sympathetic Resonance 10 of 10  Pedal Activity and Microphone Positions 9 of 10  Performance 6 of 10 Features 10 of 10 Sound 5 of 5 Overall Rating: 92 (4 stars)